Emhart Glass S.A.

Emhart Glass announces Safety enhancement to its IS machines

Emhart Glass is pleased to announce three improvements to its IS machines that will improve safety and make operations easier.
During 2012, all IS and AIS machines will be enhanced with the addition of P-Switches, programmable stop cycles, and a new Electro Pneumatic Valve Block (EPVB) with safety flaps to cover blow-side manual overrides.
The new pneumatic P-Switch (patent pending) replaces the existing ‘mushroom’-type P-Snap. Conveniently located within easier reach, it provides an easier, safer way for operators on the blow side to ensure that machine movement is inhibited so that the blow MOC remains in the ‘open’ position, and that the blowhead remains in the ‘up’ position.
During normal operation, the P-Switch, together with a special programmable cycle, makes it far easier for the operator to match the required time window and remove collapsed containers from blow molds quickly and safely. (Previously, the operator had to operate the P-Snap with one foot, raising the risk of slipping.) It also makes section interventions (to change blow molds and other forming equipment), job changes and repairs far quicker and easier.
The 26-line EPVB features safety flaps covering the manual overrides on the blow side. This means that a two-handed blank-side operation is required for blow-side override events, preventing overrides from being triggered accidentally. However, in the unlikely event that any overrides should be activated by mistake, the new P-Switch will still prevent any motion.
All these safety enhancements are now fitted as standard on all IS and AIS machines manufactured by Emhart Glass.
For more information please consult the publication library on the Emhart Glass website, Technical News Bulletin Number 212.