Emhart Glass launches 570 Servo Feeder Plunger Mechanism

Emhart Glass is pleased to announce the launch of the 570 Servo Feeder Plunger Mechanism.
The 570 is the successor to the long-serving 555 Feeder Plunger, and offers improved reliability and reduced maintenance. The increased rigidity of the unit delivers smoother, more positive operation, while its lightweight design means that it can easily be exchanged rather than making time-consuming repairs in situ.
In place of the 555’s air-spring systems, the 570 features a carefully calibrated encapsulated mechanical spring. This ensures that the mechanism is always raised with optimum precision, while also delivering increased uptime and a longer overall lifetime for the unit.
The 570 is a direct replacement for the 555, and can be used for all Emhart Glass servo-feeder mechanisms by selecting the appropriate plunger-banjo assembly. A universal mounting bracket allows for quick, easy installation.
The 570 Servo Plunger Mechanism is available now under part number 570-1000-1.

Source: Emhart Glass SA/E-mail\Press Release