Emhart Glass S.A.

Emhart Glass launches Advanced Take Out Tong Holder and Insert

Emhart Glass is pleased to announce the expansion of its range of ware-handling accessories with the launch of a new Take Out Tong Holder and Insert.
The new Take Out Tong Holder uses an improved insert material: DuPont™ Vespel® SCP5050, which is specially designed for contact with sensitive glass containers.
Vespel® was first used by Emhart Glass in a Pusher Finger Liner last year, where it quickly proved its worth. In the Take Out Tong Holder Insert, it helps to reduce checks, cut operating costs and minimise production disturbances. It offers superior strength, oil absorption and thermal conductivity, and lasts up to four times as long as traditional carbon graphite inserts.
In the event of a section jam, the Vespel® insert results in fewer breakages. This helps to maximise uptime, in line with the needs of modern, high-performing glass container plants.
Installing and exchanging the unit is fast and simple, while the insert can be changed without the use of tools. This reduces upfront cost and time-consuming maintenance.
The Take Out Tong Holder is 100% compatible with existing Emhart Glass equipment and uses the industry standard take out interface and is available in two variants: with an insert custom finished to customers’ specifications (part number 800-1000-1), or with a semi-finished Vespel® blank ready to be machined to fit the required container design (800-10003). Vespel® can be finished with standard equipment used for carbon graphite or metal.
The new Take Out Tong Holder and Insert are available now.