Emhart Glass S.A.

Emhart Glass launches FlexIS Ware Handling Supervision

Emhart Glass is pleased to announce the launch of a new addition to its FlexIS integrated control system: Ware Handling Supervision, or WHS.
WHS is a ware-sensing system that automatically detects and rejects substandard glass containers at the hot end of the production line.
WHS uses a light barrier to identify cullet (broken wares), ‘stuck’ and ‘down’ wares on the conveyor belt. A pneumatic air-reject system then removes the unwanted ware from the conveyor before it can cause jams in subsequent stages of the production line, such as the hot-end coating tunnel and transfer wheel.
The light barrier consists of a transmitter and a photoelectric sensor, both protected with a heat shield. The sensor is mounted on a movable plate to allow for easy alignment. Both modules are cooled and cleaned with compressed air.
The pneumatic reject unit is highly accurate and reliable, allowing it to operate at very high speeds. The FlexIS is connected to the light barrier via the hot-end distributor box.
WHS is completely integrated into the FlexIS control system, with the facility to enter a wide range of parameters including nominal bottle width, tolerance bottle width, reject duration and minimum bottle distance. The system provides data on the actual bottle width and bottle space, as well as the number of rejected bottles and the cause.
WHS can be installed on any IS machine equipped with FlexIS timing with WHC Ware Handling Controller.