Emhart Glass S.A.

Emhart Glass launches New Generation Neck Ring Mechanism

Emhart Glass is pleased to announce a new generation of Neck Ring Mechanisms.
The new Neck Ring Mechanisms feature closing forces increased by 20%, optimised airflow for improved synchronisation motion and a fine-thread screw for greater T-nut clamping force. The tapered pin assembly has been replaced with a strong, standardised retaining ring assembly.
The new design offers higher clamping force for the Neck Ring Holder Arm, and opens up the possibility of higher revert speeds. It allows for balanced opening of right and left Neck Ring Cylinders, leading to fewer finish checks. The increased stiffness also enables improved precision, and the unit as a whole is far easier to service.
The Neck Ring Mechanism is fully interchangeable with existing mechanisms. Old and new versions of the mechanism can be operated side by side on the same machine. However, many of the individual parts within the new mechanism are not compatible with earlier versions.
The new mechanism has the part number 191-5149-11. It is fully compatible with the existing Neck Ring numbered 19-5149-9, the production of which will be discontinued when the new mechanism launches in Q2 2012.
A Quick Change version has also been developed, offering the same feature set. It will bear the part number 191-5149-12 (replacing 191-5149-10) and launch in Q3 2012.