Emhart Glass reorganizes its global production and engineering capability

Emhart Glass has announced a major reorganization of its global production and engineering capability, aimed at putting it closer to customers around the world while improving flexibility, cost
efficiency and profitability.

In recent years, global economic trends have seen a gradual shift in demand from high-end glassmaking and inspection equipment towards affordable standard and mid-range machines. As the world’s leading supplier of premium glassmaking equipment, Emhart Glass responds to this change by making sure its production, engineering and supply-chain setup is adapted to these
market conditions.

Therefore, the company is focusing its production and engineering capacities in Europe and the USA on high-end machines, while concentrating in Asia primarily on mid-range machines.

Emhart Glass’ plant at Sundsvall, Sweden will focus on high-end glass-forming machines such as NIS and BIS, the flagships of the Emhart Glass range. The parts distribution centre, which is based
at Sundsvall, will be outsourced to a global logistics firm, with warehouses in Europe, in the US and in Asia.

Critical high-quality parts will be produced in the Swedish Örebro parts manufacturing plant for all machine types and machine production locations.

In Malaysia, capacity at Emhart Glass’ Johor Bahru facility will be increased, with more emphasis on complete standard forming and inspection machines. An engineering team for forming and
inspection machines will also be established. This change will mean adjustments to the corresponding functions in the USA and Europe while the company’s Research Center in the USA will remain unchanged, and significant engineering expertise will be retained both in the US and in Europe.

Martin Jetter, President of Emhart Glass, comments on the reorganization:

‘Our strategy will enable us to retain our strong position at the high end of the market while strengthening our position elsewhere, ultimately being best in class in all market segments.

‘I would like to reassure our customers that they will always receive the level of quality and service they expect. The extent of our global network is unchanged. The local sales and service setup will stay the same as well as existing contact partners at Emhart Glass.’s at Emhart Glass.’

Source: Emhart Glass