HyGear BV

Energy reduction with Thermo Chemical Recuperator

The core unit of the TCR system is HyGear's Reformer Unit. The reformer is also the core unit of HyGear Hydrogen Generation Systems.

In 2013, HyGear and CelSian started the development of a Thermo Chemical Recuperator (TCR) waste gas heat recovery system for glass melting furnaces. The TCR can be applied to re-use waste heat of furnaces to convert natural gas and water into a high calorific reformer gas mixture.

Now, one year later, the first results of this development project are available. The most important outcomes of the feasibility study are:

- With the TCR, less natural gas and oxygen is needed to melt the same amount of glass;
- The TCR has no significant effect on the batch melting kinetics;
- The TCR gives no significant changes in the flow patterns;
- The TCR causes very limited fouling and corrosion to the reformer tubes.

It can be concluded that the TCR has a positive perspective. HyGear and Celsian therefore will continue the development of this energy saving system. The pilot is plannedd for the beginning of 2015.

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