Ensured quality standards

mechanical load testing according to the later installation position


The test device from euroTECH tests glass elements under extreme conditions and according to their installation location later on

euroTECH's newly developed "Mechanical Load" test device tests and evaluates the mechanical load capacity of flat glass elements far beyond the prescribed EU standards. Glass manufacturers use it to document their own high quality standards, develop trust and protect against recourse claims in case of damages. At this year's Glasstec/Solarpeq in Düsseldorf, Germany, a demonstration model will prove the scope of performance of this flexible test device (hall 10, booth C38).

Façade elements made of glass, photovoltaic, and solar heating modules are exposed to the forces of nature without protection. "Mechanical Load" by euroTECH is a high-performance, easy-to-use simulation and test device including an integrated control panel with its own software and graphical user interface. The control panel reliably records all of the relevant data and measuring values that are required for ensuring product quality and for optimising production processes. Omission of external testing institutes saves time and money and the system pays for itself quickly.

Depending on the requirements, the freely moveable suction and measuring units simulate pressure, traction and vibration forces with up to 10,000 Newtons per square metre, which can occur during stressful situations involving snow and ice loads, hurricane-like storms or earthquakes. The sensitive sensors detect characteristics such as loading, bending, continuity and short-circuits to earth every second. Static loads are also able to be simulated, for example vibrations. Even the most extreme situations in different climatic zones of the Earth are able to be simulated.

The multi-functional and intuitively operable touch panel enables the desired testing task including the required parameters to be set up quickly. The main computer displays test values, evaluations and individual results in the form of visual tables and diagrams. This guarantees fast and reliable diagnosis. The test device from euroTECH features a modular design and is able to be adjusted optimally to individual testing requirements.

euroTECH provides handling and transport solutions in the area of vacuum technology. The company develops customer-specific vacuum systems and components for automated handling tasks. The euroTECH modular construction system enables flexible adjustment of the components to the corresponding customer requirements and fast and cost-saving exchange of replacement parts.