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Erema Silicon Carbide Elements

The most efficient, cost-effective and versatile heating element on the market !

EREMA Silicon Carbide (Sic) heating elements are manufactured by TOKAI Konetsu Kogyo Co., Ltd. (TKK). the world's largest manufacturer of Sic heating elements. TKK have been manufacturing Erema Sic heating elements since 1936, at two locations in Japan and China. TKK are dedicated to continuous product improvement and customer satisfaction focussing on energy savings and environment friendly product to provide high quality results.

Erema silicon carbide electric heating elements are manufactured from the high purity Sic grains and have designed to maximise performance at high temperature use operating in the range 500ºC – 1650ºC (750°F to 3000°F) and in a wide spectrum of thermal processing furnaces or kilns, as a radiant heat source.
As the most efficient, cost-effective and versatile heating element on the market, Erema silicon carbide elements are used in many types of industrial furnaces within the Glass heat treatment processes:-
Typical Applications of Erema Heating Elements

Glass Feeders – bottle & containers Lead Crystal processing
Borosilicate Glasses Optical Fibre Glass conditioning
Glass fibre production Float Glass Production
LCD Glass substrate Production Automotive Glass production
LCD Glass coating Glass Fusion

Erema Sic heating elements provide a high quality solution for most heating treatment processes within their operating temperature range and offer considerable savings in furnace construction costs and maintenance is greatly simplified.

Unlike metallic heating elements or MoSi2 heating elements EREMA are characterized by high strength values, which are temperature independent and thus allow a free, self-sustaining operation requiring only simple support in furnace walls no other internal support require.

Erema elements be installed and mounted vertically, horizontally or at an angle, as the material remains rigid even at their maximum operating temperatures, no special supports are required. Downtime can also be dramatically reduced as Erema elements can normally be replaced quickly when required, even when the furnace is still hot.

Erema elements will also accept significantly higher electrical power loadings than other element materials, high power density of up to 250 kW / m² can be achieved, while still maintaining superior performance in both continuous and intermittent processes.

Advantages of Silicon Carbide Electric Heating Elements
•Economical, dependable, clean, quiet and safe
•High Hot Mechanical strength – no need for complex support systems
•Versatility of installation – Horizontal, Vertical, or Angular mounting.
•Can be installed close to each other – no EMF problems
•Provides Good furnace temperature uniformity
•High Power (kW ) density capabilities
•High material resistivity – convenient Voltage and current can be used.
•Available in a variety of geometrical shapes and dimensions.
•Relatively low cost solution.
•No fuel availability or storage problems
•No noxious fuel exhaust to be ducted away
•Efficiently handle a wide range of products and atmospheres
•Elements that operate at 750°F up to 3000°F
•One of the highest hot:cold ratios in the industry

Erema elements are available in the form of round section bars or tubes, in diameters 8 – 55mm,(depending on type) and in addition to the straight rod or tube forms are also available in multi-leg derivatives, using 2, 3, or more legs, to allow all electrical connections to be made at one end of the element to further simplify installation.
Erema Sic heating elements come in a wide variety of types which allows for precise element design selection to ensure optimum performance is achieved within the furnace and the process being carried out. Erema elements are installed in a wide number of ceramic industry processes providing stable, reliable and repeatable performance whether the furnace parameters be critical temperature uniformity, long element life, or high power dissipation.
In recent years, more processes requiring the furnace to operate under controlled atmosphere conditions have increased, and Erema elements have been developed to allow them operate under these conditions.
Tokai Konestsu Kogyo (TKK) has therefore developed special protective coatings for special atmosphere conditions to retard the oxidation rate between the element Sic material and the furnace atmosphere, the correct application of one of these protective coatings significantly increases the operational life time of Erema elements in any specific atmosphere.