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Emhart Glass is pleased to announce the launch of its new FLEXLube system, delivering
enhanced control over lubrication for IS machines.
As new glass-forming technologies are introduced, the careful management of lubrication
systems is becoming increasingly important. Most modern IS machines require multiple oil
connections, whether to control the frequency with which lubricant is injected or the type of
lubricant used.
FLEXLube gives operators improved control over lubrication cycle time and oil type in a
simple, integrated system consisting of a single pump, distribution box and control unit,
replacing complex solutions using multiple pumps and controls.
The pump unit consists of an oil reservoir, pump, pressure-relief valve and four-way twoposition
exhaust valve. In addition to the basic, single-pump unit, a unit with dual oil pumps
is also available. This allows two different oil types to be used, meeting the lubrication
requirements of all types of IS machine lines.
The pump unit is complemented by a distribution box consisting of an isolation valve,
solenoid-actuated gate valve, pressure switch and manometer. Distribution boxes are
available with one or two inlets (for one or two types of oil) and a total of four outlets (for up
to four zones, configured for various allocations of oil type).
FLEXLube delivers system pressure with a constantly running gear pump. Pressurised oil
is directed into lubrication lines via the exhaust valve, and the distribution box provides
zone control and monitors the pressure to each connection.
FLEXLube delivers a number of important benefits. Its motor-driven gear pump is reliable
and trouble-free, requiring no installation or maintenance of compressed-air equipment.
The centralized control system means that all settings can be entered at one location,
while handling distribution at the machine reduces the length of pipe runs.
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Having a single pump unit for multiple zones reduces installation costs, while the zoning
system allows independent lubrication for different machine elements, ensuring optimal
lubrication and potentially reducing oil consumption.
FLEXLube is available on all new IS machines and can be fitted to most existing IS and
AIS machines, with some limitations. Component numbers for the various configurations of
the system are shown below.
Single oil pump unit with controls panel to operate up to 12 zones 200-1891-8
Dual oil pump unit with control panel to operate up to 12 zones 200-1901-8
Distribution box, two-zone, single oil type 200-1895-1
Distribution box, three-zone, single oil type 200-1895-2
Distribution box, four-zone, single oil type 200-1895-3
Distribution box, two-zone, dual oil feed, one plus one 200-1905-1
Distribution box, three-zone, dual oil feed, one plus two 200-1905-2
Distribution box, four-zone, dual oil feed, one plus three 200-1905-3
Distribution box, four-zone, dual oil feed, two plus two 200-1905-4