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Emhart Glass launches FlexRadar Forming Process Analyzer
Emhart Glass is pleased to announce the launch of the FlexRadar Forming Process Analyzer, a standalone system for identifying quality issues in real time, delivering higher pack rates and improved flexibility.
FlexRadar uses high-resolution infrared technology to spot deviations and quality issues in the glass-forming process as they occur. It monitors container geometry, glass distribution, and conveyor position, identifying containers that fall outside standard quality criteria.
Issues identified by FlexRadar include uneven cooling, uneven/wedge bottom, choke neck, lean, stuck ware, down ware and more.
By providing truly instant quality feedback on the forming process, FlexRadar allows glassmakers to receive early warnings about quality issues – and uncover previously unseen improvements.
The system comprises two SWIR (Short Wavelength Infrared) imagers, an Interactive Operator Interface with 19” color LCD touchscreen, an air-reject assembly and an Intelligent Control Unit, which supplies power and signals for the SWIR imagers and the Interactive Operator Interface. The Intelligent Control Unit is also available in an air-conditioned version.
The SWIR imagers acquire images of each passing container, which are displayed live on the overview screen of the Interactive Operator Inferface. Icons are used to visually highlight problem areas and reject information beside each container image. Line speed and pack rate per cavity are also displayed.
Additional screens show horizontal and vertical glass distribution, quality warnings and detailed information on a specific cavity or section. Integrated help screens guide the user through each system function.
FlexRadar can be installed on any production line, and supports speeds of up to 1000 containers per minute. It is compatible with the full range of colors, unusual shapes and multiple production (using the Multi Gob Weight System).
FlexRadar is available now from Emhart Glass and more information can be found on the Emhart Glass website and in Technical News Bulletin Number 190.