Frameless chiller doors by SCHOTT increase sales figures in food retail

Carrefour has been successfully using the SCHOTT Termofrost® T.AGD 3 series rotating doors at the store in Villepreux, France since July 2015.

Cooling systems with glass doors reduce energy consumption by up to 65 per cent

The increasing competition due to the high number of retailers as well as the growing tendency towards online food shopping make it important for market-leaders in brick and mortar retail to position products according to experience and to form long-term ties with loyal customers. This is where, above all, the chilled goods department offers potential. New transparent, frameless Termofrost® glass door systems by SCHOTT allow a clear view of product presentation and thereby simplify the orientation and decision at the POS for the consumer. They also significantly contribute towards reduction of energy consumption. The French supermarket chain Carrefour has already been successfully using these chiller doors by SCHOTT since July 2015.

The new SCHOTT Termofrost® chiller door models function as swing or sliding doors without visible frames on the vertical edges. Thanks to transparent spacers for the insulated glass units the frame structure is hardly noticeable and there is an unobstructed view of the goods on the shelf. "Thanks to the larger visible area the grocer has greater flexibility in the positioning of goods in the chillers. The customer, on the other hand, is better able to orientate themselves and finds what they're looking for more quickly," explains Sales Manager John Meadows of SCHOTT UK.

Reduced energy consumption
A further decisive advantage of the Termofrost® doors is the energy saving: thanks to the insulated glass units used the cooling temperatures required, depending on the goods categories, are significantly easier to maintain and the energy consumption can be reduced by up to 65 per cent. This is possible because the new doors have the same low U-value as conventional doors.

Carrefour confirms the benefits of the frameless chiller doors
Thierry Barbier, store manager of the Carrefour store in Villepreux, France is aware of the benefits of the SCHOTT Termofrost® models and has been using T.AGD 3 series swing doors in his store since July 2015. "A challenge particularly in the chilled area is the visibility of the many products. The doors of the chillers must appear to be transparent, so that the customer can easily find the product they are looking for. For our employees, on the other hand, it is important that goods are easy to stack and it is noticeable at any time what needs to be refilled," says Barbier. Since the installation of the T.AGD 3 swing door system many customers spend more time in the chilled area of the store. The new ambience not only boosts planned purchases, but also impulse ones.

Barbier further underlines: "Thanks to the Termofrost® doors there is no longer an ice age in our chilled goods area. This pleases our customers and saves us money: the energy consumption for the entire chilled area has already been reduced by more than 30 per cent."

In summary, this means: the cost-efficient chiller doors influence not only the sales figures of the retailers with their modern design, but also optimise the shopping experience of the customers.

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