Francois Deblock is nominated as director of AGMS

Established in 2008, Arc Glass Melting Solutions (AGMS) is the Division of Arc International Group specialized in fusion of glass and includes 110 persons. Across AGMS, Arc International brings glass industrialists into service of its know-how and its leading-edge technology to conceive and to accomplish tailor-made technical solutions, combining competitiveness and quality. AGMS provides a complete range of benefits, from conception and realization of ovens to the audit of their performances, by way of their service or renovation. By promising to incorporate quality, security, and respect for the environment, the team of AGMS really registers in a dynamic of excellence in long term cooperation.

To follow this ambition, François Deblock was named director of AGMS in May, 2013. He takes over from Emmanuel Rohart, who was promoted to the head of the Clear Glass plant in Arques.

François Deblock will be in charge of the definition of the strategy of the Division and of its commercial development. Based on 20 years of work experience within Arc International, as deputy manager of AGMS, François Deblock will drive this new function under the supervision of Jérôme Perrod, Director Industry, R&D and Purchasing.

« I am proud to announce the nomination of François Deblock as the head of AGMS. His long experience within the Group and his expertise in fusion of the glass, as well as his knowledge deepened by the needs of our industrial clients, is such a guarantee of future successes for this Division», declared Jérôme Perrod.

François Deblock, 46 years old, a graduate from HEI Lille (French for School of High Studies in Engineering), speciality electricity, and of IAE (Institut d´Administration des Entreprises) of Lille. He began his career at Arc International in 1990 as Team leader. After a VSNE mission within the subsidiary of the Group based in the United States, Durand Glass Manufacturing Company, he took the post of Production manager at Arc International in 1993. In 1994 he integrated the Group oven research unit, then became leader of the furnace and building workshop in 2004. In 2005-2006, he ran the Oven department for the Group, then the Ovens maintenance department in 2007-2008. In 2009, he was named as director.

Source: Arc Glass Melting Solutions