Free app makes it easier to work with technical gases

As anyone who works with them will tell you, it is impossible to know everything about technical gases by heart. But now there is no need to: "iGASES", the new app from WITT for iPhone, iPad and Android devices answers your questions, even interactively.

"iGASES" for smartphones and tablets is available as a free download in the App Store and Android Market Google Play. The new app from WITT serves as a reference work for all current technical gases, including important physical-chemical characteristics such as density, steam pressure, ignition range or thermal conductivity as well as safety information. Required values such as pressure, volume (flow), temperature, mass and other parameters can be converted to all important international units of measurement with the extra unit converter.

A special feature from WITT is the integral dialog tool: If a question cannot be answered with the app, this can be sent directly to the WITT gas specialists. To round off the package, technical information regarding the manufacturer’s complete product portfolio can be called up.