Fuyao Glass Industry Group opened in Kaluga plant for the production of automotive glass

The Chinese company Fuyao Glass Industry Group opened in Kaluga a plant for the production of automotive glass. The Chinese manufacturer is one of the world´s largest manufacturers in this field and only in China has about a dozen core businesses. Before the opening of its own production in the Russian, Fuyao Glass imported the automotive glass into the Russian market.

The construction of the plant in Kaluga began more than 2 years ago , although the decision was taken in 2001. A lot of time was spent on project development and approval. The total investment in this project is about three hundred million rubles. According to the company´s management , the initial production volume will be of the order of one million sets and within three years will increase to 3 million.

Among the major buyers of the products of Fuyao Glass in the Russian market is the company Volkswagen (VW). About a third of the products of the plant will be sold on the Russian market , and two-thirds go to the European market.

We remind that Mitsubishi company (Mitsubishi) has already such production by us . This company is the leader of the Russian market in this segment.

Source: Fuyao Glass Industry Group/