Glass, Our Friend

Activities as part of the campaign “Glass, Our Friend” are ongoing. In addition to regular activities (such as cooperation with schools, visits to our factory, sponsorships, websites on recycling, etc.), we have implemented two very interesting projects this year.

Production of the play “Recycled Story”

In cooperation with the Svarog Theatre from Zagreb, a theatrical performance entitled “Recycled Story” has been developed based on our comic strip “Glass, Our Friend”. The premier of the play was held in June at Hum na Sutli for younger aged school children. The play is dynamic and entertaining, educational and interactive. The primary objective is to pass on the important message of the benefits of glass and the importance of recycling. Considering the reaction and participation of the children in the performance, the objectives were met. The second premier was held in Zagreb. Starting this fall, the play will be offered to schools and local communities throughout Croatia. This is an excellent way to get to those schools throughout our countries that have not yet been included in our project. Plans are in place to sponsor several performances for schools in lesser developed regions of the country.

Library Boat (Boat of Culture/Ecology)

This summer, we got involved in the Library Boat project. This is a boat that has been sailing on the Adriatic Sea for the past seven years in a row. For a two-week period (late July/early August), the boat visits the islands and cities along the mainland, with the aim of promoting cultural tourism. This year, the boat docked at Sveti Filip i Jakov, Starigrad Paklenica, Pag, Rab, Mali Lošinj, Vir, Biograd na Moru, Vis, Makarska and elsewhere. This year, the boat also featured the campaign “Green Programme – Cultural Ecology”, sponsored by Vetropack Straža. As part of this programme, workshops were held on each of the 14 days to build instruments from glass and waste, under the title “Vetropack Recycled Instrument Workshop”. Children signed up in advance for this workshop, even before the ship set sail, in virtually all the towns the boat visited. Leader of the workshop, artist and musician Igor Baksa, created excellent communication with the children, who with his help created a variety of instruments, such as glass xylophones, glass organs, shakers and more.

Vetropack Straža also participated in the Boat of Culture with its educational play for children “Recycled Story”, which actors Dubravko Sidor and Igor Svetić from the Svarog Theatre performed on every day of the tour. With their creative and educational methods, they included children in the play, and the children were delighted with the tasks given to them by the actors. At the end of every play, all those children who participated in the play received gifts from the sponsors (Vetropack Straža) – T-shirts and notepads. At Vir, Sveti Filip i Jakov, Marina, Vis, Postira, Rab and Jelsa, the number of children in the audience was particularly large. The children learned about the value of recycling glass, as could be seen from the correct answers to the prize game questions posed at the end of the performance.

Considering the great success of this project, and the fact that many people were included in this form of promotion (play and workshop), we plan to set sail on the Boat of Culture again next year.

Source: Vetropack Straža/