Glass Express Midlands Limited Increases its Capacity to Gas Fill IG Units

Birmingham-based Glass Express Midlands Limited has purchased additional equipment to increase its capacity to gas fill insulated glass (IG) sealed units to meet the growing demand for more thermally efficient double and triple glazing.

Managing Director Bill Singh explains: “Having already purchased an NM3 Multigas Filler from Thermoseal Group, we purchased an additional NM2 Argon Fast-fill machine. We currently gas fill approximately 75% of our units and now have further capacity to gas fill all units with both Argon and other gases as customers require.

“We pride ourselves in offering a full package of products including warm edge and gas filled units with many Georgian options, as well as units with integrated blinds. We offer a wide range of options to ensure that we remain competitive in the market and with a greater emphasis on thermal efficiency we are always striving to achieve these changing targets.

“Our warm edge option is Thermobar which we chose due to its excellent thermal values as well as its handling advantages. Our customers also like the look of the finished product.

“The UK market is generally a tough market where it seems that many of our competitors are driving down the margin we can make on sealed units. It is our approach to keep our edge by investing in new innovation, equipment and staff to offer a full service of products concentrating on quality and as our business name suggests – speedy or ‘express’ delivery.

“Our current capacity is approximately 800 units per day. We now have approximately 30,000 Sq. Ft. of manufacturing space located in two adjoining factories and following an investment of around £2 million worth of equipment we can meet a range of customer requirements.”

Source: Thermoseal Group Limited