Glassrobots Oy

Glassrobots focuses on super sized glass tempering machines and demanding windscreen bending technology

During recent years, increasing number of companies have started using the RoboTemp™ flat tempering technology. Most of them have got large size machines (254\520, 254\640, 321\640, 321\800) that can perfectly temper all types of coated architectural glass on the market. Excellent flatness of the tempered Jumbo size glass guarantees the ability of its subsequent lamination with excellent quality and savings on PVB. As a result, it helps to create the super sized IG-units made of different combinations of clear and coated glass, providing extraordinary energy saving, optical and safety properties of the final product. At the same time, those companies feel comfortable tempering smaller glass sheet batches with the outstanding capacity and stable high quality. The most valuable nowadays feature - flexibility in operation - was achieved. Those companies are technically prepared to supply tempered glass to any economy sector, operating comfortable and profitable way on large& small sizes, individual production& long series. On the automotive side, Glassrobots has supplied latest windscreen bending technology, the TFA3evolution series with new heater innovations to two leading European windscreen manufacturers. At the glasstec 2014 glass and machinery show, Glassrobots will be in Hall 12, stand 12D01. Book a meeting in advance or just drop in!