Grafotec Spray Systems GmbH

Grafotec Spray Systems GmbH confirms upwards trend in 2011

Diedorf, August 2011 - After an economically quiet year in 2010, Grafotec Spray Systems GmbH had full order books again during the first semester of 2011. The main focus of sales in this case is the Asian region and India. Given the predominately high temperatures and extreme relative humidity which prevail there, special requirements are imposed on separating agent application systems for float and flat glass. The products from the Bavarian company have already proved their worth on several occasions under the extreme climatic conditions through their consistent high application quality and the robust, yet nevertheless readily extendable construction.

This is why two large Indian float glass manufacturers decided on further application devices from Bavaria early in 2011. Grafotec therefore delivered complete units of the LA 1000 and AP to India during the first and second semester of 2011. With its special roller design, the liquid application system allows nozzleless application of corrosion protection to float and flat glass. This method creates a constantly uniform spray mist without droplet formation even under difficult climatic production conditions, thereby ensuring high quality when applying corrosion protection.

The tried and trusted nozzle systems from Grafotec also however remain in demand. "We have also supplied our AP 960 to India", the Managing Director Reinhold Senft reports. "The AP 960 numbers among our premium devices. It can be flexibly configured and is particularly suitable for uniform application of powdered separating agents with special requirements". The extended system electronics of the AP 960 allow savings in separating agents owing to the precise dispensing. It flexibly adapts to existing production conditions and its robust construction guarantees a long service life.

Reinhold Senft’s outlook is confident: "The sales to India confirm the quality of our equipment. We will also be able to remain internationally successful in the future with innovative further developments and redundant systems".