Grenzebach Maschinenbau GmbH

Grenzebach goes direct! Specialist presents new direct drive stacker at glasstec

A significantly faster cycle time, higher plate weights and safe handling of plates up to 16 m in length – the new Grenzebach stacker generation once again sets new benchmarks. The material flow equipment specialist now starts out with directly driven stackers which can cope with any rack geometry. Glass manufacturers using a variety of rack types and sizes will now benefit from this high degree of flexibility. Operators may rely on a rack library to store, to retrieve and to set up the various rack types quickly and easily.

The new Grenzebach stacker generation definitely proves itself through performance. The special focus that design engineers put on consistently, reducing the dead weight and masses moved, clearly pays off. Apart from the already mentioned high degree of flexibility, the new stackers excel through work pace, peak load and plate size performance values previously not available on the market.

The same applies for functionality and operability. This reflects, in detail, the over 40 years of experience Grenzebach offers in developing high end stackers. The intelligent stacker design combines several functions in a single device. The new stackers can be operated in various loading and unloading modes (tin and air side) without the need for additional mechanics.. The machine is entirely software controlled. Enabling the loading mode, for example, just needs a mouse click.

All new stackers are driven by servo motor with planetary gear train. Even under peak loads this proven combination guarantees reliable stacker operation.

The new direct drive stackers are available in three model series:

Small and medium size stackers
Compared to previous series, the new small and medium size stackers excel through an enormous increase in performance. Thanks to the direct drive the stacker can safely handle 30% bigger sheets with maximum 180 kg. The new stackers are designed for high production speeds and can handle sheets up to 50 kg and up to 20 cycles/min air side and maximum weight sheets at 5.5 cycles/min.

Medium size stackers
The new stacker series handles 535 kg maximum plate weight at max. 14 cycles/min air side and at max. 7 cycles/min tin side ─ convincing performance values so far not available on the market. It sets a new benchmark in the medium size weight category.

Fast, robust jumbo size stackers

This new bottom side stacker is designed for sheets up to 16 meter in length. Thanks to its direct drive it possesses maximum flexibility and high dynamics ─ despite its size. It is the ideal jumbo size solution to handle plate weights up to 1800 kg at max. 3 cycles/min.

Interested customers, who want to learn in-depth about the new direct drive stackers, have the opportunity to do this extensively during a visit to the Grenzebach glasstec booth (hall 15/booth C42).