Grafotec Spray Systems GmbH

Guaranteed cost savings and quality improvement through precise application of separating agent

When producing float, flat and automotive glass, powder spraying is typically used for applying the separators to the glass. As current regulation methods do not allow the application quantity to be metered precisely, glass damage is often inevitable. Apart from the failure rate, however, the glass industry is also annoyed by the high consumption of separators and the pollution of workplaces caused by atomized spray.

Grafotec Spray Systems GmbH now has a solution to this problem. Its advanced AP system has been specially developed for the application of powder materials while reducing the quantity of separators required up to 30 %. "The advantage is reached through a combination of factors," says General Manager, Reinhold Senft, emphasizing the combination of an improved low pressure procedure, patented spray nozzles and the electronic control system used in AP systems.

There is a clear difference to standard mechanical procedures: In Grafotec's AP systems the application of separators can be adjusted precisely - even in the range of microns - through the specially developed electronic control system. It is also possible to synchronise both application wings without having to interrupt the production line. This way the spray system can be adjusted to different types of separators during operation and it can be adapted automatically to varying glass widths. The control system, which is easy to operate, is a standard feature of Grafotec's AP-900 line. It can also be integrated within the AP-500 line upon request. Thus, the AP system provides for a considerable reduction of separator quantities and leads to a significant improvement of quality levels and a clean work environment.

With its motto of "Made in Bavaria", Augsburg-based Grafotec Spray Systems GmbH has been known for high quality and trend-setting developments for more than 25 years. All of Grafotec's systems have been closely adapted to the requirements of the glass industry and can be integrated into existing production lines.