Keraglass is pleased to announce
the release of its latest multifunction oven, the HST TOP 8 multi-­‐level kiln, concentrating
several functions in the same
machine: a) lamination of flat and bent glass;
b) drying of different materials, like marble, ceramic and printed
c) implementation of HST process. The HST TOP 8 consists of one chamber that can be fitted
with a vertical trolley for the HST process implementation, or with a 8-­‐level rack for lamination of curved and flat glass (of various size, shapes, and thickness) or for lamination of various combinations glass/marble and glass/ceramic, or for perfect drying of various
materials, such as marble and
ceramic to be subsequently laminated.
The system is equipped with an
elevator, a vertical trolley and a
cutting table complete with film
roll holder.
The concept behind the project is
a machine capable of a multiplicity of functions, allowing
various semi-­‐finished or finished
products, using different features and capabilities of the
machine itself.
The practical advantage of these
features represents, for the
user, an enriched range of available products, offering a larger and more diversified range
of products on the market.
For the laminating technology
Keraglass is in position to supply
the EVA film, under the name
of EVALEADER, characterized
by high tensile strength, excellent transparency, outstanding cohesion, good
temperature and humidity
withstanding and long-­‐term
EVALEADER is available in different colours, thickness, size
and width.
In addition EVALEADER
film has obtained the european
certification from “Centro
Sperimentale del Vetro di Venezia.