High Performance Insulation Glazing for Sustainable Heat Protection and Maximum Freedom of Design

Dow Corning and OKALUX GmbH develop advanced façade elements made of insulated glass

Dow Corning and OKALUX have coordinated their extensive know-how. The result is OKALUX HPI, an innovative high performance insulation glass module which exhibits excellent heat insulation combined with nearly unlimited possibilities of design for every façade construction imaginable.

As one of the world’s leading enterprises in the area of silicon technology, Dow Corning has developed a vacuum insulation unit consisting of fumed silica integrated in the cavity of an insulating glass module. OKALUX, one of the market leaders in design-oriented glass solutions and optimal daylight exploitation, complements this development with a broad range of material inserts. Metal, wood, and capillary inserts as well as digital printing can be combined with the vacuum unit.

OKALUX HPI achieves extreme low U-values; insulating glass elements with a 40 mm thick vacuum insert reach an U-value of 0.11 W/(m²K) | 0.02 Btu/(hr ft² °F)! After a time span of 25 years the value will be about 0.18 W/(m²K) | 0.03 Btu/(hr ft² °F). The heat transmission coefficient corresponds to that of a well insulated wall. As the heat protection of the vacuum insulation unit is nearly 8 times more effective than such of conventional insulation material it needs only a fraction of the thickness that, for example, mineral wool would need to achieve the same insulating effect.

The slim build-up generates in a reduction of construction costs, a simplification of building procedures and a gain of interior space. An important advantage for the planer is the great freedom of design OKALUX HPI offers. The thickness of the vacuum modules corresponds to the constructive depth of typical insulating glass units, which means that such insulating glass elements can be effortlessly integrated into homogen façade systems: all this with excellent insulating values. Due to

the extensive range of OKALUX inserts, individual, custom-tailored design solutions can be realised with OKALUX HPI. Even the areas facing the interior of the room can be designed freely and harmonized with the design of the rest of the façade areas or the partition walls of the interior.

Vacuum insulation is perfect wherever effective insulation is needed in a limited amount of space, for example, in restoration projects. The vacuum façade elements are pre-fabricated and installed on site as standard insulating glass would be.

Source: OKALUX GmbH/okalux.com