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Highlights at our booth!

We are proud to present our new flat glass washing machine which stands out due to its efficiency and its space-saving concept, on the upcoming glasstec in Düsseldorf.

Benteler has dedicated much more focus to its design. Not only to create a beautiful look, catching the eyes of the customers, but also with special respect to its easy operation and ergonomic properties. Washer keeps its typical proven characteristics – strong body made from aluminum and stainless steel, high performance of the washing process and wide range of options and configurations.Special attention has been given to improve the drying process where Benteler uses new aluminum air knives with new shape allowing for a better drying process. Not only for operators, but also for the service crew, the machine is easy to maintain. All key parts even under the cover are quickly available or adjustable. New energy saving concept brings to the customers big energy saves of up to 50% compared with previous standard tecWasher.

Discover also our wide product range of Laminating Lines from a manual to a fully automatic line for all common types of foil. Due to our long experience and the continuous development of our Laminating Lines, we can offer you lines with a state-of-the- art technology, energy-optimized and in a proven quality. A sophisticated design and a reliable partner create the basis for a successful cooperation with our customers. All Benteler Laminating Lines are equipped with a high quality washing machine and an energy-optimized furnace. Benteler has proven that even in these recent years of economic uncertainty, their technological know-how and creative solutions can help customers on any scale reach, and sometimes exceed, their productivity and quality standards.

Benteler strives towards its goal: to make the most compact, reliable, and flexible lines possible for customers around the world.

You produce glasses for cars, ships, trains, vehicle cabs, or buses? We offer fully automatic CBG-Lines, which are extendable with a drilling machine. In connection with an automatic loading and a Benteler washing machine you receive a turn-key solution from one supplier. Come to discover our latest developments in the field of CBG Lines.

Did you also know that Benteler produces machines for the Display Glass processing? Benteler offers for this challenging market a wide-range of innovative machines and solutions, with a focus on cutting, grinding, cleaning and handling equipment.

Learn more about our Process Application Lines. You are looking for a supplier who delivers all components for the whole process? The design of the Benteler lines is based on decades of experience in glass handling, glass cleaning, application of chemicals, drying furnaces, and traditional glass processing technologies including cutting and breaking. Almost all line components including the complete glass handling equipment, are developed and manufactured by Benteler. This results in uniform interfaces, which shortens the ramp-up time.

Preservation and improvement of proven quality must be the basic idea for any further development. Because of this we consistently develop our machines to fulfill the specific needs of our customers.

Next to proven machines we present in our Technology Lounge our newest developments.

Convince yourself, that we have succeeded in perfectly harmonizing established and innovative machines.