ITS modules certified for building-integrated solar arrays

Together with the Easy Roof mounting system from French manufacturer IRFTS, Innotech Solar’s (ITS) photovoltaic modules have been awarded all-important ETN certification. In France, solar installations comprising such certified product combinations are classed as building-integrated systems and thus command higher feed-in tariffs of up to 28.51 Euro cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) instead of just 7.36 Euro cents. In addition, insurance companies are far more accepting of photovoltaic installations that have certified components. The excellent carbon footprint of the ITS modules further boosts the prospects of solar project proposals in French public tenders.

“We are delighted that the European module manufacturer Innotech Solar has opted to use our mounting system and that we were able to jointly obtain ETN certification,” states Lionel Doudaine, Export Sales Manager at IRFTS. “ITS modules are innovative thanks to their particularly eco-friendly production method, which results in an outstanding carbon footprint. Our Easy Roof mounting system is innovative because it is exceptionally versatile and easy to install – so the two products complement one another.”

In French calls for tender, the green credentials of the solar modules account for one third of the weighting in the selection process, and ITS modules have a carbon footprint that is around 50% smaller than that of conventional modules. While over 870 kg of CO2 are emitted per kWp of plant power when manufacturing conventional crystalline modules, CO2 emissions total just 388 kg per kWp for the 250 Wp EcoPlus module from Innotech Solar. After around only four months in operation, ITS modules save the same quantity of CO2 as is used to manufacture them.

“France is currently one of Europe’s biggest PV markets, and two of the market segments are particularly important: firstly large solar projects requiring tenders and secondly smaller installations where roof integration, design and European component manufacture are decisive factors for many clients. Thanks to the ETN certification, the excellent carbon footprint and the fact that we manufacture in Europe, there is enormous demand for our solar modules in both segments,” reports Emanuele Paese, Head of Sales & Marketing Europe at Innotech Solar.

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