IfG GmbH Ingenieurbüro für Glastechnik

IfG ideas for glass - we safeguard glass

IfG ideas for glass - we safeguard glass

Glass is an extremely delicate and sensitive material. It is important to be sure that your high-value products are kept safe against damage and influences that could impact quality during forming, assembly, shipping and warehousing.

Equipment built by IfG Glastechnik applies dependable protection to all kinds of industrial sheet glass. With wide-ranging experience in various industries, technologies and processes, we have become a specialist in glass protection and are recognized as such around the world.

IfG Glastechnik engineers, builds and maintains complete systems for applying liquid corrosion protection (anti-stain) and thin protective polymer coating solutions to low-E glass and for the application of separation agents and other industrial particulates. Those systems often incorporate our superb Economical Powdering System (EPS) together with our partner company Eltosch-Grafix and separation agents with ksl staubtechnik. The wide track ultrasonic anti stain and polymer coating systems together with our partner company sono-tek.