Inaugural Production of Solarion AG at New Manufacturing Facility in Zwenkau, Leipzig

60 Million Euro Investment – 100 Jobs Created

Solarion AG started production today at their newly-built integrated cell and module manufacturing facility in the presence of The Minister of State of the Saxon State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Labor and Transport, Sven Morlok. Located on a 3 hectare site in a new industrial park in Zwenkau-Sued by Leip-zig, the production hall was erected in 14 months and is Solarion’s first facility for the mass production of their patented flexible thin film solar cells and mod-ule products.

The Leipzig technology firm has invested approximately 60 million euro into the facility, creating 100 new jobs in the process. The project has been supported with investment assistance of more than 20 million euro from the Saechsische Aufbaubank. In total, 150 will be employed in the 12,000 square meter production area. Yearly production volume output is expected to be 20 Me-gawatt.

„The start of mass production is an important milestone not only for our busi-ness development, but also for our employees who have made significant con-tributions. With our novel photovoltaic products based on our own-developed technology, we intend to access a significant market share,” claimed Dr. Karsten Otte, Chief Executive Officer of Solarion AG.

Solarion is a manufacturer of high-efficiency, low-cost thin film solar modules using Copper indium gallium (di)selenide (CIGS). This technology possesses the highest efficiency potential in the thin-film photovoltaic arena.
Solarion is looking to claim a leading position in the photovoltaic market based on their potentially low-cost and patented production process.

On May 18th, 2011, Solarion broke ground on their new facility in Zwenkau and, in less than 14 months, constructed a complete production site. Both rigid and flexible modules will be manufactured in the first production line. Light, flexible and highly efficient, Solarion’s glass-free products are well-suited for building integration on rooftops and façades.