Innovation Prize for Solarion Construction Product

On January 15, 2013, the 11th Innovations Award for Architecture and Construction ceremony took place at BAU 2013 in Munich, Germany.

Among the five most innovative products of this years’ awards ceremony was Boehme Systems’ “cocu PV” photovoltaic roof shingle. The aluminum element is laminated with flexible photovoltaic cells, giving rise to an architecturally attractive solar roofing panel. The lightweight, unbreakable PV shingle was cooperatively developed by Solarion AG and Boehme Systems GmbH and optimized by the partners to merge a photovoltaic system with an architectural solution.

The cocu PV element brings to system providers of building envelopes made of metal a worldwide unique product to the market that is able to cover the gamut from architecturally challenging to organically shaped building geometries. The multidimensional, formable (cocu = complex curved) solar roof element has its photovoltaic cells factory-applied by Solarion, creating a building product amenable to ecological architecture without the need for an additional construction product for the roof or façade.

The innovative cocu PV element presents a radical contribution to the cost reduction of solar electric systems and eminently positions the two companies to provide the long-awaited standard, easy-to-install and architecturally pleasing building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) solution.

„We are pleased that our newest product of the „Integrated Energy Solution“ series has received already an extremely positive response from the market,“ stated Dr. Karsten Otte, CEO of Solarion.

The Innovation Award is presented by the architectural journals AIT and xia Intelligente Architektur at the bi-annual Munich International Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials and Systems. Sixty-eight entrants were filed, with the jury deciding on a total of 11 awards, five of which were of the highest class – the Innovation Award for Architecture and Civil Engineering. The competition is aimed at designers and manufacturers of innovative products in the construction trade and was initiated with the intention of awarding prizes to the numerous products on the market that correspond particularly to the demands and requirements of architects. Important criteria for product assessment are functional and design quality, material authenticity and the variety of possible uses.

Source: Solarion AG