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Innovation in façade construction and glass design

Mikado, sneakgrass, coffeebeans: There are no limits in design with evguard®

Folienwerk Wolfen will be presenting the EVA lamination film evguard® at glasstec 2014

Bitterfeld-Wolfen, 20 August 2014 – Folienwerk Wolfen will be presenting the evguard® lamination films in two different varieties, “transparent” and “milky white”, at this year’s glasstec – the meeting point for the glass world. Today, glass façade construction and glass refinement are both an integral part of façade technology and a driving force for the entire European construction section. An enveloping and yet simultaneously translucent design influences today’s architecture. This is why materials that meet the aesthetic and functional requirements of façade construction are more important than ever. evguard® lamination film by Folienwerk Wolfen fulfils the highest safety and design standards and is therefore particularly well-suited for use in façade construction and in the fields of architecture and glass refinement.

evguard® lamination film is a durable and therefore cost-efficient material. It is resistant against fire, UV rays and wind. Tests have shown that evguard® film can maintain durability for over 100 years. Functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand. In addition, evguard® offers optimum noise protection. It also prevents glass from splintering, as tested by the pendulum impact test 44.1, DIN EN 12600, and the ball drop test 44.2, DIN 52338. Thanks to its special manufacturing technique, evguard® film can be reproduced. This ensures that the quality is consistent and the film can be used safely in façade construction and glass refinement.

“evguard® provides façade consultants and builders, architects and glass designers with a high-quality, extremely reliable and cost-effective product. This innovative technology is not related to quantity, which is why evguard® can be produced economically even in small quantities and in individual widths, strengths and lengths,” explains Dirk Kierchhoff, Commercial Director at Folienwerk Wolfen.

Creative glass design with evguard®

While the glass is being processed, “design inserts” can be placed between the glass and the evguard® lamination film. The creativity of the architect and the glass specialist is given free rein, from PET coloured films, photo images and marble to rocks and other natural products. Blades of grass and leaves, a favourite photo, metal mesh or even coffee beans – the EVA lamination foil evguard® allows individual stylistic elements and optical highlights to be added to apartments and houses. What is special about Wolfen is that the film plant also supplies plastic films which are used as an interlayer.

In addition to EVA films, Folienwerk Wolfen provides rigid films with up to nine layers, specially optimised PET films and polycarbonate films for applications involving particularly high levels of thermal and mechanical stress. During the processing stage, a research and development team advises architects, glass specialists and façade builders on using the films.