Introducing Phil Popple Thermoseal Group’s newly appointed Spacer Development Manager

Thermoseal Group offers a warm welcome to its recently appointed Spacer Development Manager Phil Popple. Phil has been in the development side of the glass industry for the past 22 years and brings with him a wealth of experience and knowledge. His employment demonstrates Thermoseal Group’s continuing commitment to the research and development of new and innovative Spacer products.

Gwain Paterson, Managing Director at Thermoseal Group had the following to say regarding Phil’s appointment:

‘One of our primary aims is the development of superior quality Warm Edge products that we believe will pave the way for the future of sealed units. Warm Edge technology represents the evolution of energy efficiency and at Thermoseal Group we are concerned with lowering carbon emissions and developing high quality products that make a real impact in the conservation of the environment.

Our appointment of Phil as our Spacer Development Manager marks the next step in our evolution as a leader of research and development within the insulated glass industry and furthermore displays our desire to expand our manufacturing processes here in the U.K. Phil’s extensive experience and knowledge in the chemical side of the glass industry meant that he was the ideal choice to help us develop our Warm Edge production line and to research future Warm Edge technology.’

As for Phil, he commented as follows:

‘I was drawn to Thermoseal Group because they have a clear, ambitious business plan with exacting targets and I wanted to be a part of this exciting process. Having worked in the glass industry for the past 22 years I was well aware of Thermoseal Group’s dedication to quality across their suite of products but also of their staff. Recent investment has created fantastic facilities that have placed Thermoseal Group into a unique position where it can continue to grow and drive the industry forward as a market leader. I hope that my experience in the development of alternative products to flexible Spacer will help facilitate Thermoseal Group’s development of high quality products and its growth within the industry.’

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Source: Thermoseal Group