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Invoicing insurance jobs is now made a whole lot easier by Smart-Toolbox!

Smart-Toolbox now makes insurance jobs easy!

Smart-Builder has recently added specific support for insurance jobs to Smart-Toolbox. The glass sales software has always been flexible enough to allow producing multiple invoices to multiple customers from a single job but Smart-Toolbox now automates this process for insurance jobs.

A new insurance tab records all the important details on the insurer, broker, loss adjuster, Policy#, Claim#, Date/cause and degree of damage, excess amount and whether the claim has been accepted by the insurer. Previous insurance details can be automatically copied across for repeat customers.

The new tab for handling insurance jobs in Smart-Toolbox
Smart-Toolbox now makes insurance jobs easy!
During job invoicing the Smart-Toolbox will automatically create two invoices, one to the customer for the excess amount and the other to the insurer for the remainder of the job. Of course the user can still choose to customise both invoices as necessary before sending them out.

As you can imagine, Smart-Toolbox has certainly managed to make life a whole lot easier. Maybe now in turn everyone can spend a bit more time enjoying the outdoors and as a result break some more windows!

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