Ritec International Ltd.

It all ADDs Up For Ritec at Glasstec 2012

Discover the ‘Non-Stick’ World of Ritec ClearShield® at this year’s Glasstec exhibition and join the ‘Good Glass’ campaign which is gathering momentum worldwide!

New glass is ‘good’ because it has real values such as light transmission for visibility and day-lighting; clarity for pristine appearance and cleanability for low maintenance and hygiene. Ritec provides glass surface solutions that combat key problem areas such as limescale build up, reduced solar efficiency and adhesion of bacteria and viruses.

Part treated glass samples will be used to demonstrate how ordinary, high-maintenance glass or ‘Problem Glass’ can be upgraded using the ClearShield System™ to new glass product lines with energy-saving, anti-microbial and light enhancing qualities. These include limescale build up, renovation of old glass and ‘non stick’, easy clean properties as well as the ClearShield® Silverstone Racetrack Challenge!

Glass and glazing companies can ADD to their sales proposition with little increase in overheads and no capital expense based on Added value, boosting sales and profits; Differentiation, setting your company apart from others and Diversification, with new business opportunities that are truly ‘green’. For a total surface protection solution, Ritec will also be exhibiting the Ritecoat System™ for metals, paintwork and plastics, which has been developed to create the same ‘non-stick’, easy clean, low maintenance properties as the ClearShield System™ on glass.

As pioneers of durable surface protection for glass and metal for over 30 years, Ritec offers a no-risk guarantee of satisfaction. Seeing is believing! Visit Ritec at Glasstec and see for yourself.