J.v.G. Thoma awards the order for the PV Line in Poland

The key figures: fully automatic stringers with robot lay-up in boxes, highly modern LED flashers and patented string soldering process. We spoke to Hans Thoma, CEO of J.v.G. Thoma GmbH and General Manager of the Thoma Group.

Why do you go for an automated lay-up, Mr. Thoma?
Hans Thoma: We ensure particularly gentle laying of the strings with the help of the automation system. After all, this ensures the quality and performance capability of the modules.

What is the advantage of the LED flasher?
These flashers, which have also been developed by us, is testing each PV module not only once, but 5 times and obtain much more data’s during the process. A huge advantage is calculated from these, which provides highly precise data’s compared with conventional flashers. This facilitates accuracy in the wiring. This again, is critical for the performance capability of a system.

How is this linked to the string soldering process?
This process, of which we have a patent in our name, helps avoiding so-called "micro cracks", with other words, “hairline cracks”. These cracks may subsequently reduce the performance – right up to total failure.

Source: J.v.G. Thoma GmbH/