J.v.G. builds new solar factory in Estonia

The next solar factory, “made by J.v.G. Thoma” is already coming into being – this time in Estonia, the northernmost Baltic state. The plant should generate 15 MW and above all deliver modules to the Baltic states as well as Russia.

The first very promising discussions with so-called EPC companies to construct the power plants are already being carried out. The production of solar modules is however also important for Estonia itself, since the country wants to become independent from electricity supplies from Russia.

The customer in Estonia decided on the EVA process from J.v.G. Thoma; alongside thin film systems, this is the most common method worldwide to produce PV modules. An automatic tabber and stringer, as well as a laminator, which can also be used for the production of high temperature modules (desert module) when upgraded, were delivered. In doing so, the customer is investing in a solution with development potential.

Green thinking is part of life in Estonia. Renewable energies and ideas for sustainable consumption are well received here – the Estonians are after all surrounded by lush nature, even if its own land area only extends to 45,227 square metres; in comparison, Bavaria has an area of 70,548 square metres.

Interesting to know: More than two decades after the end of the Soviet Union, there are large economic differences among the former states. Estonia alone can show strong economic data, reports the world; the smallest of all the Soviet countries, which was laughed at before!

The solar project is currently at the ramp-up phase. Hans Thoma, Managing Director of J.v.G.: “The factory should be producing with full capacity in the 3rd quarter of 2014 – we are working at full speed for this.”

Source: J.v.G. Thoma/