Gallery Mariska Dirkx

Jan Doms' glass projects

This year Galerie Mariska Dirkx will present three of Jan Doms
's projects:

1. Santiago
2. Sampo
3. Heaven on earth

Santiago is created for Stadtmuseum Meissen - Dresden
and was part of the exhibition ʻSculpture in Motionʼ - De Maatschap internationaal (2000). The incensory is made out of cut steel and float glass (cut by JH v Stiphout) and is inspired by the Botafumeiro of Santiago.

Sampo is designed for the garden surrounded by the cloisters of the Carthusian Monastry Roermond as part of the Biennial of Roermond (2004). In 1997 together with his friend and painter Han Klinkhamer Jan Doms went tramp shipping from Hamburg to the nothernmost tip of the Gulf of Bothnia before travelling south through the Strait of Gibraltar to Ghandia, a Spanish port city on the Mediterranean. This sea yourney led to the creation of various sculptures. One of them is Sampo.

Heaven on earth is the title of the glass pavillion Jan Doms
designed and constructed in the Central Mineral Bath of Sofia in
collaboration with architect Olga Doreva. The whole proces of
building up is photographed by them. Aspa Petrov animated the
pictures into a short film (1 minute). Heaven on earth was part of the Water Tower Art Fest Sofia 2011.

Jan Doms (1949) founded in 2001 LEF stadsdynamica, office
for spatial design and research. Dr. Pamela Doms, specialised
in ancient and modern city planning, became a member of the firm in 2011.