Japanese printing company Daicolo uses more than 1 million m² of Azura printing plates

At a press conference last Thursday, Agfa Graphics Japan (Tokyo) and Daicolo Co., Ltd. (Osaka) announced that Daicolo’s cumulative use of Agfa Graphics’ Azura chemistry-free CtP plates has exceeded 1 million m2. The announcement was followed by a celebration, signaling the launch of Agfa Graphics’ “Ten Years of Azura” campaign.

First introduced in 2004, Agfa Graphics’ chemistry-free CtP plate Azura is the most used chemistry-free printing plate in the world. In Japan, known for its high quality demands, it quickly achieved a 90% market share.

Daicolo, a commercial printing company specialized in school photo albums is the world’s No.1 Azura user. They have installed twelve CtP units in total since their first use of Azura in July 2006, and are the first company in the world to achieve a 1 million m² total of Azura use.

At the joint press conference, which was held at Daicolo’s premises, President Matsuishi of Agfa Graphics, Japan thanked Daicolo for its confidence and loyalty.

Chairman and Executive Director Kagota of Daicolo said: "We have always been keen on incorporating new technologies since the company was founded in 1953 and we attach great value to efficiency and high quality. The photo album market has been in a tough situation due to the declining birth rate, which means that we had to find new clients in order to maintain or increase sales. In such a situation, we believed that environmentally-friendly solutions were essential, and we started to make environmentally-friendly graduation photo albums. This allowed us to comply with various environmental requirements and receive 200 to 300 new orders every year. Additionally, the efficiency and reduced workload of the chemistry-free Azura plates were vital during the busiest times when our CtP units operate 24 hours a day."
He added: "I am very happy that we were the first to achieve 1 million m2 cumulative use of Azura. I am looking forward to Agfa Graphics’ continuing support and further product developments."

Ten Years of Azura
2014 marks the 10th anniversary of the release of Azura. To celebrate this anniversary, Agfa Graphics plans to put twelve Azura users from all over the world in the spotlight over the coming twelve months, ending at the IGAS trade show in Japan in Tokyo 2015.
The “Ten Years of Azura” journey can be followed on Pinterest:

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