Lahti Precision Oy

Lahti Vertical Mixer for glass production


Well know of its precise dosing and weighing application for glass batching plants Lahti Precision has announced its Lahti Vertical Mixer brand in Glasstec exhibition.

Now the complete dosing-weighing-mixing –process is totally in the hands of Lahti. By combining these elements to the in-house manufactured control system, Lahti can guarantee excellent homogeneity of mixed batch. Lahti has earlier manufactured its own mixer successfully for mortar and plaster plants producing cement based dry mix products. Now Lahti is repeating the story in glass batch mixers.

The mixer is dedicated for glass batch execution thus not requiring any extras. It is available for low iron/ extra clear class and other special glass production taken into account necessary protection and wear material selection to avoid contamination. All material contacting parts are nickel free. The mixer is designed to operate as a check scale or a real container scale, when required. It is completely dust sealed, it has water injection nozzles for batch wetting and steam heating option, which includes vapor evacuation. That limits growing of build-up of material inside mixer.

Special attention has been put on energy saving since mixer is typically the biggest consumer of electric power in a batch plant. Lahti mixer is powered by a high efficiency rated motor and driven by an inverter for saving energy and for lowering rated current. Together with the integrated control system a remarkable saving can be achieved by running the mixer correct speed and torque at all times and smooth start eliminates power peak at start. In case of power failure the mixer is able to re-start although it if full of batch.

Lahti Vertical Mixers are immediately available from 250 liters to 5250 liters in volume, covering the commonly used sizes in the glass industry.