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Liquid corrosion protection for the glass industry

The Liquid Application System LA 1000 from Grafotec Spray Systems GmbH provides for a uniform corrosion protection of float glass. The Bavarian company is the only vendor worldwide to offer such a nozzleless process.

The protection against glass corrosion is an important quality aspect in the glass industry. The addition of aluminum oxide or zirconium oxide during the production efficiently reduces the glasses’ proneness to corrosion. This process, however, is very expensive. An alternative is the application of liquid corrosion protection prior to the further processing of glass.

Nozzleless application of corrosion protection
To this end the Grafotec has conceived its Liquid Application System LA 1000, which allows for a nozzleless application of liquid corrosion protection. With approx. 6000 turns per minute, its special rotor principle with integrated high-speed roller produces a spray mist, which is applied to the glass surface through an adjustable opening. This creates a highly uniform film of corrosion protection.

Managing director Reinhold Senft explains: “Nozzle systems are prone to deposits; if individual nozzles get blocked or fail, this changes the complete spray result – up to the formation of lines without corrosion protection. With our nozzleless process this won’t happen“. Another benefit of the LA 1000 is its application width. Here again, the Grafotec Spray Systems GmbH demonstrates its flexibility: “Our Liquid Application system offers an application width of up to 5700 mm. Also tailored solutions from 6 meters on are possible thanks to its modular construction“, explains Reinhold Senft.

The control system integrated into Grafotec’s LA 1000 allows for a fine adjustment of the application solution and thickness up to a few percents and/or micrometers, and thus provides for a constant high quality standard. But the system does not only control the repeatability of the application volume – through the automatic adjustment to the glass width and track speed it also saves corrosion protection solution. A special reverse osmosis device guarantees the required quality of the process water. Its standard enclosure ensures a clean and trouble-free workplace and simultaneously complies with all applicable safety regulations.

Not only for corrosion protection
The LA 1000 is not only restricted to the application of liquid corrosion protection. Reinhold Senft explains: “Our internal test procedures demonstrated that also other current liquids or suspensions can be applied to different flat materials“.

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