Sklostroj Turnov CZ s.r.o.

Machine ISS 8, serial number 001, in full production

the best IS machine

Machine ISS 8 has been commissioned at the end of November 2011 at the glass factory O-I Dubi Plant nearby
The installation was based on the substitution of the old IS machine by ISS inclusive feeder, stacker, and annealing lehr. The project included the coordination of some 8 companies participating on this installation.
The ISS machine runs so far in DG. Commissioning has been executed on PB – production of jars and then it has been switched to NNPB to produce light weight bottles in February 2012.

Machine runs better than expected and a few items have been improved with a continuous improvement methodology. The installation of this prototype machine with the accessablity within 2 hours by car enabled SKLOSTROJ to provide O-I a standard VIP service.