Genel Makina Iklimlendirme Sistemleri Insaat San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.

Machine Options according to sealing materials

As GENMAK Glass Machinery, we continue in researches and developments about insulating glass unit production systems and machinery in order to meet with your needs and serving you better.

As we know in classical extruder machines Thiokol (Polysulphide), Polyurethane, Silicone or Structural Silicone materials have been used in insulating glass unit production systems.

We proud of sharing our experiences, in domestic and foreign machines in our local and outland services and supplying spare parts, with dear valued customers.

Based on failure loggings in our production and other producer machines in market, classical extruder machines, especially using Thiokol (Polysulphide) material which consists of high rate calcite, are going to be weak and in cold winter conditions they could not extrude sufficient materials. On the other hand, Polyurethane, Silicone or Structural Silicone materials could work properly without any trouble.

For the first time and unique production in Turkey we have been served our new Jumbo Plus – High Capacity Thiokol Extruder machine to our dear valued customers in order to more efficiently and proper insulating glass unit production by using Thiokol (Polysulphide) material. Comparing with classical extruders, its pumps work slowly by almost a third and extrude 300 % more capacity (4 kg in minute). Also we planned to minimize abrasive effects of raw materials. Thanks to increased ratios in pumps which extrude materials and less operating because of high capacity, our new Jumbo Plus High Capacity Extruder Machine requires rarely service and maintenance. So, your production will not be cut in long periods.

We will be glad and honored to service our dear valued customers with our expert and experienced service team by our wide spare parts stock.