Circular Economy in the flat glass industry
To the flat glass industry the Circular Economy is one of the most important topics of the decade, both ecologically and economically: cullet returned into the cycle saves raw materials, lowers furnace temperature and saves valuable energy.
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Power-to-X: Using electricity from renewable sources in a variety of ways
It’s possible to produce heating, green hydrogen and many other commodity chemicals with electricity generated from renewable sources – find your Power2X technology.
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Decarbonization: What companies should know about it
Decarbonization in industry and the economy is a key challenge for the coming years.
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Power-storage systems for commerce and industry
Power-storage systems are employed to help ensure that electricity from renewable sources is always available – regardless of whether the wind blows or the sun is shining.
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Green PPAs: Renewable Energy for business
Green PPAs for power from renewable sources of energy are becoming increasingly popular. Find out what your options are now!
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