Meyer Burger sets further industry record with 327 watt solar module on production equipment

Meyer Burger has just set another photovoltaic record for standard solar modules with 60 cells: 327 watts. This impressive development and performance leap, combined with a simultaneous reduction in production costs, was made possible by Meyer Burger’s high-efficiency HJT and SWCT technologies in close coordination with the pertinent wafer, cell and module processes. The increase in module power was achieved using innovative heterojunction cells in combination with the very low temperature coefficient as well as the company’s revolutionary SmartWire Connection Technology (SWCT). The power record has been confirmed by an independent test laboratory (SUPSI).

Meyer Burger Technology AG (SIX Swiss Exchange: MBTN) achieved this record result at its technology and production site in Thun, Switzerland using industrial production machines. The record was based on a standard 60-cell solar module with Meyer Burger’s heterojunction technology (HJT) on 156x156 mm bifacial cells in conjunction with the innovative SmartWire Connection Technology (SWCT).

Low temperature coefficient

Heterojunction cells are characterised by an outstanding power temperature coefficient of only -0.22 %/°C at the module level. Compared to the usual value for standard cells of -0.43 %/°C, a solar module equipped with HJT cells from Meyer Burger delivers 10 % better energy yield on average compared to conventional cells.

Wafers cut with diamond wire as the base substrate

Meyer Burger’s HJT technology uses high-end diamond wire-based slicing processes to manufacture thin wafers, thereby providing new perspectives and opportunities for further reduction of costs.

HJT measuring technology

High-efficiency solar cells are characterised by high cell capacities. Meyer Burger has developed an appropriate measurement method under the product name “MB DragonBack”. This method is used to measure the power of high-efficiency and high-capacity cells/modules with top accuracy as well as the speed required for production lines.

SmartWire Connection Technology SWCT

Meyer Burger is the only company in the world that offers SmartWire Connection Technology, a product that has proven its value in PV installations, for the electrification. The SWCT Technology enables a power increase of more than 5% compared to 3-busbar technology. This revolutionary contacting technology can significantly reduce silver consumption. Heterojunction modules have already been certified with this innovative connection technology.

Major cost reduction potential

The current record modules consist of 60 bifacial cells with a size of 6 inch. According to Meyer Burger’s road map, further efficiency increases to 24 % should be possible along with a reduction in cell production costs to < 0.10 US$/Wp by the end of 2014.

With its forward looking and industrially proven solutions and systems, Meyer Burger provides its customers with unique technological, productivity and cost advantages compared to the competition.

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