Grafotec Spray Systems GmbH


Grafotec Spray Systems GmbH has been internationally well known in the sector for more than 25 years as a manufacturer of separating agent application systems. Its product portfolio ranges from simple introductory models to special usage possibilities in the solar glass and automobile glass industry. The Bavarian company also makes it possible to produce customised special designs.

Grafotec offers two different application methods. Its AP series is a robust nozzle system capable of applying various different powdered separating agents to glass. This system provides simple and reliable application right down to a minimum of separating agents. The different variants of the AP series allow individual, rapid and economical adaptation. As a second application method, the manufacturer offers a roller system for application of liquid separating agents. In this case, a high-speed roller generates a mist which is applied to the surface of the glass by means of an adjustable opening.

Which system for which purpose?
As an introductory model or in case of constantly changing separating agent and application width - as often occurs in the float glass and flat glass industry - use of a flexible nozzle system is recommended. The AP series from Grafotec is therefore not only capable of adapting to specific production conditions owing to the simple modular construction. The patented nozzle system and the specially developed sensor technology also ensure a high degree of flexibility in applying different powdered separating agents. The system can be adjusted fully automatically to different glass widths and to gaps between the individual sheets of glass, thereby contributing to a marked saving in separating agents. At the same time, the nozzle system allows essentially maintenance-free and low-noise constant use with different separating agents which can even be changed during operation. A wide range of possibilities for extension makes the nozzle system from Grafotec a modular series, which can be adapted at any time to modified production conditions or demands.
For the specific use of liquid corrosion protection or separating agents, Grafotec offers its customers a specific system. Whereas in conventional nozzle installations, liquid separating agents rapidly generate deposits at the nozzle outlets, the roller system from Grafotec provides uniform separating agent application. A high speed roller takes charge of this, which generates a fine spray mist at approx. 6000 rpm, applied contact free. With the roller system also, various different extension options and likewise the possibilities of complete enclosure ensure individual adaptability.

“Whether a nozzle or roller system is involved – both systems as well as the anti-stain-system guarantee high quality and reliable separating agent application”, says the managing director Reinhold Senft. “The choice of system is therefore heavily dependent on the application field and the production environments”.