NPD Solarbuzz Analysts Acknowledged for Solar PV Market Insights

Solar PV features and articles written by NPD Solarbuzz analysts during 2013 for the website dominated the recent Top-Ten listings, as the most popular solar PV technology blogs read in 2013. According to Finlay Colville, vice president and team-leader for NPD Solarbuzz analysts, “engaging with the global PV industry on topical issues relating to the PV industry has been a key element of NPD Solarbuzz market research for more than ten years.”

NPD Solarbuzz analysts also had the top two most-read blogs on the site, with the January 2013 blog post from senior analyst Ray Lian about the top ten module suppliers of 2012 heading the publication’s rankings.

In all, five of the top ten solar-PV features were from NPD Solarbuzz analysts, including the following:

Top 10 PV module suppliers in 2012
What’s next for PV technology in 2013?
First Solar chart-topping prevents talk about a revolution
Hanergy’s major CIGS plans unveiled with 5.25GW of turnkey capacity

Would the leading PV equipment supplier please stand up?
During 2013, analysts from NPD Solarbuzz released over 150 blogs, articles, and media releases, which covered all aspects of the solar PV industry from polysilicon supply and pricing, to policy changes and their impact on end-market demand. Additionally, NPD Solarbuzz analysts are frequently quoted on a daily basis by global media outlets in support of breaking news in the PV industry.

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