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New Plan View eliminates tray deduction headaches

The new Plan View makes tray deductions easy!

The latest release of Smart-Shower incorporates a plan, or bird’s eye, view of showers. This new design aid complements the existing panel, elevation, isometric and 3D shower views that users will be familiar with.

The plan view has 3 major functions. The different perspective offered provides users with a valuable visual feedback of their shower layout. Incorrect angles and out-of-proportion lengths become instantly clear. The view is also available on the installation report, simplifying assembly.

Secondly, users are now able to enter floor dimensions directly onto the plan view. It makes sense that you can enter a dimension straight onto the image and this brings Smart-Shower in line with the other design tools in the Smart-Builder suite.

Perhaps the most revolutionary aspect of the plan view is the ingenious way in which Smart-Shower reduces complex shower tray calculations to a triviality. A user need only enter an offset for any plane (or all of them) and Smart-Builder will perform the trigonometry, Pythagoras and other mathematics required for finished glass sizes. Of course, you can enter a single value to set a standard deduction across all panels as well.

Imagine a quadrant shower set back a different distance on each of the 3 facets in order to accommodate existing bathroom furniture and tile lines. In the past, this was a virtually impossible calculation. Now it’s not worth a moment’s consideration; enter each offset and the job is done.

All existing Smart-Shower customers will receive this update as part of the roll out process. New users are welcome to contact Smart-Builder and request a free trial. Contact us on for more information.

The new Plan View makes tray deductions easy!