New President Elected at the European Container Glass Federation

Stefan Jaenecke, CEO of Verallia North Europe, one of the largest container glass makers in Europe, has been elected as the new president of FEVE - the European federation for container glass.

Stefan Jaenecke succeeds Niall Wall, CEO of Ardagh Group, who led the association for the previous two years. José Lorente from O-I Europe has been as elected Vice President.

“Under the responsibility of outgoing President Niall Wall from Ardagh Group, there has been a continuous expansion of the scope of work at FEVE”, says Stefan Jaenecke. “I want to continue to build on this successful track and to further promote container glass as the sustainably sound and resource efficient industry.”

The EU is the world´s largest producer of container glass. The glass container industry in Europe employs 40,000 people in 160 plants. FEVE members are spread across 23 European Member States with more than 60 producers belonging to approximately 20 independent corporate groups. Container glass is one of Europe’s best recycled products. In 2011 the average glass recycling rate was 68% for the EU27 countries, including Norway, Switzerland and Turkey. See more on

Under his Presidency, Stefan Jaenecke is keen that FEVE continues working successfully to represent the industry at European level and to further strengthen its collaboration with national associations, while continuing to support the initiatives of the growing consumer forum “Friends of Glass”. “We need to continue to defend and to promote key benefits which are unique to glass packaging. I want to make sure we maintain and build up an integrated approach to getting our message across.”

Source: FEVE/Verallia North Europe