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New technology invented called "3NEO"

What’s the point of throwing away the whole diamond cup grinding wheel when only the diamond surface is worn out? If the shank attached to the diamond surface doesn’t wear and can be reused, why not use it again? Why not replace just the worn part, and so reduce both cost and waste?
Pomdi’s 3neo® technology means you only have to replace the worn diamond surface, helping you to minimise your operating costs. 3neo not only lowers your overheads, it also raises your productivity, as it makes changeover times 15 times faster than with conventional tools. What’s more, on top of cutting costs and changeover times, Pomdi’s 3neo® technology means you only need to hold one fiftieth of the stock.
3neo’s® sophisticated patented locking system holds the shank and diamond ring securely in place whilst in use, but allows you to detach them with a simple click when the worn ring needs replacing.
Pomdi’s 3neo® technology diamond rings are universal and fit any machine, meaning you only have to stock them in your usual range of grain sizes and types — there’s no need to stock a selection of complete tools. With 'pomdi'’s new 3neo® technology, you can attach any grinding ring to any shank.
Contact us to find out more about how 'pomdi'’s new and revolutionary 3neo® technology can help you:
• Reduce stocks, as the manufacturer or distributor can supply replacements within 24 hours.
• Reduce costs by only replacing the worn diamond ring, not the whole tool.
• Reduce costs by cutting changeover times when the diamond ring needs replacing.
Adopt Pomdi’s 3neo® technology today and be part of the revolution sweeping the flat-glass diamond grinding wheel and tool sector.