Novelties that meet customers´ needs

Novelty products attract keen interest at glasstec 2014

Innovations related to efficiency, ergonomics and work safety earn GPS Glasproduktions-Service GmbH the admiration of visitors at glasstec 2014. The Essen-based manufacturer of IS machines and components for the container glass industry was highly satisfied with its performance at the industry´s most important international trade fair.

“GPS has presented itself as an innovative yet reliable partner in Düsseldorf. And this very message has come across to our customers and business partners”, comments Wolfgang Korzak, Managing Director of GPS, following the glasstec trade fair. Numerous conversations with customers from Europe, the Middle East or Asia have confirmed that “our strategy of offering even greater service, even better quality and an even wider product range is a move in the right direction.”

Novelty gob shear
A novelty gob shear permitting an electronic displacement of the intersection point between glass gobs and thus ensuring optimal dropping, attracted particular interest among visitors. “We develop novelties that meet customers´ needs”, emphasises Stephan Rosenstein, Head of R&D / PJM at GPS Glasproduktions-Service GmbH, simultaneously pointing out further patented improvements related to gob shears, gob distributors or the station valve block which “not only increase system efficiency but also improve ergonomics and work safety”. GPS thus follows a trend which was a general theme at glasstec 2014. Ergonomics and work safety are becoming increasingly important in times of shortage of skilled workers.

Geared towards the future
“At glasstec, we have demonstrated our ability to further consolidate our position in the market by means of our globally unique innovations”, comments Klaus Rudolph, Executive Chairman of GPS, in conclusion of his observations made at glasstec 2014. This is further supported by the positive feedback from recent customers in Italy and Brazil. The company´s next step will be the launch of a new triple gob IS machine, which is going to prove that GPS Glasproduktions-Service GmbH is a quality partner for the container glass industry that is geared towards the future.

Source: GPS Glasproduktions-Service GmbH

Convincing technology: The GPS gob shear with individually controllable blade arms via separate servo linear units.