O-I provides striking bottle for launch of Warninks White liqueur

Owens-Illinois (O-I) has created a distinctive white bottle for Warninks White, a new vodka liqueur by De Kuyper, a liqueurs and spirits company.

With the new glass container O-I captured the character of the liqueur.

Warninks White is destined for the UK market and has been available exclusively from ASDA supermarkets since October.

Owens-Illinois took up both the design and manufacturing of the new bottle.

Patrick Waegemakers, Segment Manager beer, wine and spirits packaging at O-I Benelux said: “De Kuyper and O-I have a history of cooperation. We have produced new glass packaging for them for decades. In 2013, O-I developed the new bottle for the whole range of De Kuyper liqueurs.

"Due to the years that we have spent working together, we are thoroughly familiar with the traditions and values of De Kuyper, and can convert those characteristics into glass packaging."

The new bottle for Warninks White has a fresh white look and emphasises the character of the product. The use of the red Warninks logo on the top of the bottle, with a silver floral decoration underneath highlights the premium qualities.

"Its convenience is enhanced by tapering the bottle in the middle. The result is an elegant white bottle that will attract a lot of attention on the shelves due to its unique shape and colour."

Source: O-I/