Spanish company Onyx Solar, through its US subsidiary, has completed the installation of the largest PV skylight in the world, a PV double skylight sizing 27,500 sqf which was executed for the new Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation´s headquarters in New Jersey, United States.
The skylight will allow the firm generate free and clean electricity from the sun, equivalent to the lighting of more than 600 houses, at the same time that it provides the building with cutting edge technology that will turn it into an international reference for innovation, efficiency and sustainability.
The PV skylight is comprised of 820 units of PV glass modules in large format and they incorporate photovoltaic crystalline perforated solar cells which made the manufacturing process more complex due to the higher fragility of the cells; on the other hand, such solar cells allow a more homogeneous natural light transmission through the building, enhancing its interior lighting which is key for any office space.
The execution of the project was especially demanding due to the complexity of the skylight system which had to be movable (open and close) for maintenance purposes.
In this way, general contractor Turner Construction entrusted the entire project to Onyx Solar under a turnkey solution contract, which was executed successfully, reaching the highest quality standards that delighted the owner.

Onyx Solar relates the project

According to Juan Luis Lechon, Project Manager at Onyx Solar,"the project was a challenge from the manufacture of the PV glass to the installation of all the solution which included a complex and unique skylight system"; additionally, Mr. Lechon highlighted the great work and continuous effort that the Onyx Solar team showed during the whole project which was of key assistance to complete it successfully.
Onyx Solar CTO, Teodosio del Cano, emphasized both the professionalism and thoroughness showed by the owner, the architect and the general contractor from the beginning of the project till the execution, as well as the full confidence in Onyx Solar; "the technical solvency demonstrated by our team to face such a complex project was key for the awarding of the contract", del Cano said.
Onyx Solar completes an emblematic project which, according to Diego Cuevas, US Business Development Manager,"it has consolidated the company as a reference for the industry worldwide". This project joins to the emblematic works carried out by the company in the United States, Mexico, Spain, France, Italy and China.

Novartis, a reference for sustainable growth

The giant Swiss company, which employs more than 120,000 people and has a turnover of $50,000+ MM in 2012, is a reference in the market due to its sustainable practices and policies, as well as its CSR. According to "Green Rankings 2012: Global Company" Novartis is the leader in its industry in sustainability and green policies. Its new campus in New Jersey will promote cancer research and it will create additional 1,600 jobs. Additionally, this campus will become an architectonic reference for green building.

Turner Construction, leadership and safety

Prestigious Engineering News Record (ENR) magazine has set Turner at the top of its list again, as the biggest construction company by domestic turnover. Additionally, the company has been awarded in the field of safety in 2013, receiving this mention for its excellence.
The role played by Turner during the whole Novartis Oncology Consolidation Project has been a key for its success, watching over the quality of the works, coordinating multiple teams and leading the communications between all trades.

Source: Onxy Solar